NY No-Fault Divorce Laws Go Global

new no-fault laws in New York

Do you and your spouse struggle to compromise and reach agreements? If you’re seeking out a divorce, then that’s surely the case. A high-conflict divorce, however, happens when the relationship has become so toxic that reaching agreements is nearly impossible without the help of an outside third-party.

Divorce proceedings are not about ‘winning’. Despite that, your spouse might be hard-pressed to make your life as difficult as possible.

If that’s the case, then you need to make arrangements to ensure that you have the best opportunity in court to have your voice and needs heard and met. The good news is that divorce in New York is much easier thanks to no-fault divorce laws, which have become so popular that they’re even spreading across the globe as far as in England and Wales.

No-fault divorce laws are preferable because they don’t allow for one party’s refusal to divorce. When one person refuses a divorce without no-fault laws, a lengthy separation term is necessary. What’s more, fault laws give both parties an incentive to place blame on the other party. No-fault laws, on the other hand, can help two individuals, especially wealthier couples, to amicably divorce without attempting to sway courts to favor one party over the other.

High Profile Divorce Settlements

The benefits of a no-fault divorce are especially helpful in high-profile divorce situations, which is why you’ll see so many married couples moving to no-fault areas in order to later divorce. In fault areas, the financially weaker partner is often provided with ample financial resources after a divorce.

For instance, Princess Haya secured half a billion pounds in her divorce. She also has her husband pay about 554mn pounds in child maintenance, too!

Where’s the Best Place to File for Divorce?

So, where is the best place to file for divorce? The answer to that question depends on where you’re currently living. In most circumstances, you’ll need to fulfill a residency requirement in order to seek out a divorce in that area.

In other words, you can seek out a divorce in New York if you have a residence in New York. If you currently reside in England, though, then you’ll have to go through your local courts. It’s possible to seek out an international divorce even if your spouse is abroad, but you’ll still have to meet the residency requirements first.

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