Surviving Divorce After 50

A couple thinking about divorce after 50

Are you over 50 and thinking about divorce? You are not alone. Due to the increased lifespan, Americans divorcing after twenty or thirty years of marriage is becoming more and more common. Although this may be a shock to their children and grandchildren, it may not be as much of a surprise to the two parts of the couple, especially if they have been living as roommates for a long time. There are some unique issues that come with divorce after this long of being married.

I Don’t Know What To Do

When you have been with someone for almost half of your life, it can be somewhat disconcerting to suddenly be alone. With the kids out of the home and then your spouse, you may feel as if you have no identity. It can cause depression and even lead to health problems. The key is to work through your feelings, whether with a counselor, or through time.

How Will I Make It On One Income?

It can be economically difficult to survive when you divorce after 50, as you are at or near retirement age and will only be on one person’s retirement income. While you could go get a job, employers are not as likely to hire someone in their late 50’s or older for jobs that pay enough to survive on. This can be a scary time, but you can make it on your own. It may be time to downsize and create a financial future for yourself.

What Do I Do About Family Activities?

Living together for this many years means that you have built many traditions with each other and with the rest of your family. When you divorce, depending upon the cordialness of the split, all of these traditions may have to be reworked or go away entirely. This can be difficult for your family and for you as well. It may be time to start some new traditions with your children and grandchildren that you all will enjoy. Don’t let your divorce keep you from enjoying time with your family.Divorce after 50 rates have increased from a low 2.8 percent 50 years ago to 15.4 percent in 2011. This is even higher than the numbers who are widowed. The trend can be attributed to many things, including the social acceptance of divorce. While it can be difficult to go through, you can survive divorce-even if you have been married for a long time.

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